Hello! My name is Shannon Manor. 
I'm a professional character designer and illustrator from Atlanta, GA.
I am working at Floyd County Productions on the TV Show Archer! I was part of the illustration team from seasons 3 to 6 and part of the design team from seasons 7 and currently.
I write and draw my own webcomic, Dragon Sanctuary which launched in 2018 and is still currently running.
I've tabled at HeroesCon 2017 and 2018 and Atlanta Comic Convention 2018 where I do table commissions and sell illustrations, comics and stickers. All work sold at my table is also available online on my Storenvy and my Gumroad
I can not sell any Archer work at conventions but I can sign any Archer goods that are brought to me!
My personal commissions are currently closed. [updated 3/12/2019]
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